Intellectually Stimulated

February 13, 2020 / Personal Essay

Lately I’ve fallen prey to the content consumption overload. Where instead of creating art & visuals that are representative of my creative vision, I have been eating up and digesting more than I can handle. Aimlessly watching tutorials, reading articles and listening to podcasts about how to find your purpose in life, how to start a business, how to be successful. 

While content that is positive and reinforcing of strong mindset and practices is anything but bad, it can often serve as a roadblock to what really needs to be done. It can be used as a defense mechanism, an excuse - I need to learn about what I want to do, before I actually attempt it - that couldn’t be more wrong. 

Instead of consuming content like it’s your last meal, we need to be ingesting our exposure in micro doses. We need the smallest amount of conflicting narrative in our day as possible - or else we fall prey to the inability to think & act on our own accord. We easily become mass produced individuals who lose all ability to create and develop our own form of art. 

So, instead of sitting hours at the computer - hoping that a Youtube video will have all the answers to my problems - I’m going to seek out a new form of knowledge. Rooted in intellectual stimulation. Learning and reading actual books. Journaling my inner thoughts and writing down the aspirations I hope to achieve. Being selective with how I spend my free time, what do I read before I go to bed? What’s the last thing on my mind? Man, I really need to put my phone down. 

If you’re finding that you’ve been consuming, more than you’ve been producing - you’re not alone. In the digital overload of society - it’s hard to pull away, when it seems like everyone is online all day long. Yet, instead of comparing ourselves to the workings of others - figure out what you need to take your work to the next level. Be present, aware and mindful of how you spend your time. Use the muscle that is your brain and understand how to learn again. Train yourself to seek meaningful and lasting information that will change the way you interact & view the world around you.