january 20. 2020 | blog 

I’ve been wanting to express my thoughts for quite some time, yet I never had a place that felt appropriate for such internal & external musings.

Consumed with the idea that I needed a portfolio, a piece of the digital world where only my imagery could live.  It had to be clean, crisp, easy to digest - rules and guidelines set by some idea that no one wants to spend all day combing through your breadth of work. 

Make it easy, to the point & lacking all forms of personalized character!

But, I’ve been breaking down lateley at the idea of being “off brand” - why is that such a concern anyways? Since when did life become so compartmentalized into the “identity” you show the world? Why does talent or insight or simple hard work come second to your reach, subscriber base or engagement rate?

Everything today is about your reputation, your status, your following - numbers, numbers, numbers - that say nothing about who I am, about what I can do. 

So, instead of keeping to the status quo - a portfolio of professional work with little to no personality - I’d like to trash that boring, old, tired template & try something new. Attempt to actually create a brand of myself, one that speaks like I talk, has all my comforts, mannerisms and doesn’t adhere the social rules of conformity. 

Yes, the internet is a wondeful tool, but it can also be terrifying, full of  negative pressure and unachievable expectations.

Can I create a place, an identity to share with the world - without losing myself in the digital download?

Can I have experiences, culminate thoughtful intellect and also be a part of the URL lifestyle?

Although, I’ve fought it for so long - I figure it’s worthy of a try.

So, here I am. Creating a place of my own, an internet hole to only be discovered by those who want to find it. 

Thanks for being here.